Reiki Facelift


The Reiki facelift offers more income specializing in a non-surgical, non-medicinal facelift. It is completely safe, effective and rejuvenating, bringing visible results to the client.

This easy to learn, easy to use treatment works for both the professionals or as an enjoyable self-treatment for individuals.

Treatments involve using the body's natural energy to restore youthful, healthy radiance. Restoring the natural flow of energy in the face and neck, in addition to using facial exercises and hands on muscular stimulation, helps reduce lines due to stress and aging.

Treatments take approximately 15 minutes and results can occur rapidly.This therapy can also be used by anyone with knowledge of basic energy work. Massage therapists, reflexologists or anyone providing spa treatments could add this therapy as part of their services to increase business revenue.

Rates are charged by the 1/2 hour session which can range from $20 to $40 dollars or $45 to $65 dollars for an hour session. Your rates will depend upon locality, skills and consumer demand.

Specialized training for reiki facelifts may cost in the neighborhood of $250 for a weekend course.

If you are not a Level 1 practitioner, certification may be required which would be an additional $125 in tuition fees.

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