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Reiki is an alternative treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.

Pronounced Raykee, it originated from the Japanese language and means "universal life force energy".

This technique allows you to earn a significant income while helping others replenish their health and happiness. Fees charged by practitioners vary from $30 to $65 per hour depending upon locality, skill level and experience.

Once you reach Level 3 (Master), additional income can be earned by teaching and providing certification to others training in this field.

The cost involved for training can be paid for on a "per level" basis.

Level 1 fees are usually the least expensive ranging between $100 to $150.

Level 2 is slightly higher and can range between $150-$500 depending on location and instructor qualifications.

Level 3 (Master) is the most expensive level with a very broad range in pricing beginning as low as $400 and as high as $8,000.

Research your instructor's qualifications before paying the higher price, due to the fact certification and licensing vary from state to state.

The amount of money you spend for training in this field can be offset by developing a way to recoup your expenses. The most cost-effective way to advertise your practice is by using the internet.

Promoting other products such as Reiki music or helping someone obtain certification can generate more income for your practice.

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