Organic Alternatives
For Disease Prevention

Hydroponic gardening is one of the best organic alternatives for disease prevention. This page is provided for those of you who enjoy gardening or plan to grow your own herbs.

You can produce your own herbs organically and eliminate the need for pesticides that contain harmful chemicals. Your herbs can be grown year round and have a much higher nutritional value because you will be growing them in water and adding the nutrients needed to produce healthy, organic crops.

Setting up your own hydroponic garden is easy and fun. Just watch the “how to” video below.

Hydroponic Aquaponic Indoor Grow System

Eliminating flies is another step toward disease prevention. One fly can carry over 33 million disease-causing organisms!

This is an excellent reason to eat a healthy diet filled with antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system strong.

These diseases can be transmitted by the fly either depositing the organisms directly to the herbs from the hairs on their legs or the fly literally spits on the herb to help liquefy the solid food.

If you are growing your herbs in a garden then be proactive toward eliminating flies. There are alternatives to eliminate flies without using pesticides that contain chemicals known to cause health problems.

Watch the "how to" video below and make your own fly trap.

Organic Fly Trap

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