Compared to other careers, hypnotherapy can pay for itself very quickly. A hypnotherapist charges between $60 and $150 per session. This is an added benefit to the pleasure of helping others delve into their own subconscious minds.

Tuition can range from $1200 to over $3500 depending onyour choice of hypnosis schools.

Individuals who run their own schools usually charge between $1200 and $2000 and may be weekends only, for 3-4 weekends.

Instruction obtained on a college campus, on the otherhand, may cost $3500 or more with classes being held on campus and requiring over 100 hours of instruction.

If you would like to learn hypnosis at home, at your own pace, there are courses you can find online that range in price of $200 and up.

There is no national licensing of hypnotists. The certifications you receive have little or no meaning outside of the organization or school that presented them to you.

Some schools are state licensed, which simply means they went through the red tape required to obtain the license. It does not mean that their program is better than other programs. So, please do your own research before paying tuition to any school.

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