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An herbalist salary is typically $55 or more per hour and supplements their income, in many instances, by teaching or using their herbological knowledge on a consulting basis.

Many trained herbalists work from home and expand their client base by building their own website. Many practitioners also grow and sell their own plants to insure the freshest organic ingredients and for additional income.

Incomes for herbalists range from $20k-$120k according to a salary review published by the AHG (American Herbalist Guild).

As a practitioner, you will be using your knowledge of plants to treat such illnesses as asthma, allergies, skin problems, various pains, arthritis, stomach problems, etc.

Your clients will need to provide a detailed history of medical and emotional problems. They will also need to provide information on their diet and lifestyle which will allow you to determine which herbs will work best for them.

Private Practice: If you are going into private practice, (and before you spend the money to rent an office or hang out your shingle), you may also want to give serious thought to building a website to advertise your practice to a wider audience,...or build a local following more quickly than simply by word-of-mouth or local advertising methods.

Local Distributors: Are you already a local distributor for a health product or do you raise organic produce to sell? When you want to find a product, you probably get on the internet, right?. Your potential customers in your local area do, too.

If you already have botanical knowledge, (or even if you have a Master's degree in Botany), but very few or no customers, a website can provide you with a relatively low cost method to obtain new customers in your area, (as compared to the high overhead expenses of a traditional brick-and-mortar business).

Don't have the slightest idea of how to build a website? An excellent website builder, especially for novices, who just want to login to a program and type their web page information directly onto their own web site pages is one where no code or knowledge of html is necessary.

If this sounds like just your "cup-of-tea", you can learn more about it on SBI!'s website. It is very informative and walks you through the process, step-by-step.

Private practice not your thing? Holistic and alternative methods of healing is growing in popularity, providing jobs in holistic clinics, health stores, greenhouses, sales reps for the herbal supplement companies, and more.

Salaries for these jobs range from $17k-$75k based on your locality, skill level and training and the type of employer you choose.

Presently, there are no licensing or certification requirements for practitioners, but check with your local state agency for any changes.

Herbalist Education: You can obtain certification through the AHG, which will give your practice more credibility. The AHG does require that you pass their exams and that you meet their continuing education guidelines.

Herbalist Schools: Accredited schools typically require a minimum of 1600 hours and 400 of those should be actual clinical work.

Courses include botany, plant identification, pharmacy, nutrition and more, depending upon the school's curriculum.

Tuition: Prices range from $4k to $14k and this may not include extras such as books or supplies.

Study Herbalism: You can also educate yourself through online courses and holistic workshops. The cost of these programs also vary, but your total educational cost would drop to between $400 and $1500.

Certification is available through the AHG. If you decide to educate yourself, you may want to obtain a list of their requirements to give you some idea of what courses you should be taking to start a career in this holistic therapy.

For more information, visit the AHG to learn more about herbal education.

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