What Is Herbalism?

What is herbalism and how does it work? Herbal therapy is, not surprisingly, alternative medicine based on the belief in the power of herbs to stimulate the body’s healing powers.

Herbs are the use of plants for food or medicine. Some herbs are even used in spiritual or religious practices.

Culinary Vs. Medicinal Herbs: Medicinal herbs are usually produced from the shrubs or woody parts of the plant while culinary herbs may be derived from the more leafy and soft part of the plant.

This is usually why medicinal herbs are stronger and have a more bitter taste than culinary herbs.

Phytotherapy: The medicinal use of herbs is also known as phytotherapy. Phyto means "plant".

Healing Powers of Herbs:

Plants used as herbs have been used as food and medicine for centuries.

The phytochemicals in different plants have been shown to be able to cure diseases. Many of our current drugs on the market were originally derived from plants.

Today, phytotherapy is being used to treat all kinds of disorders that range from mild cases like common cold to serious diseases like cancer.

More and more hospitals are now offering phytotherapy remedies as complementary alternative treatments with conventional medicines.

These remedies treat the cause of the disease and not the symptoms with little or almost no side effects.

This is where phytotherapy remedies leave the mainstream drugs behind and the reason why so many people are turning to plants for alternative remedies.

The increase in public acceptance of this alternative treatment has created the need to conduct studies regarding herbal cures.

Genuine and well tested information will provide the key for medical science to understand how phytotherapy medicine affects and interacts with our bodies, chemically.

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