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Use free online hypnosis scripts for stress relief any time that you are feeling a bit tense, ...and enjoy the feelings it brings.

There are two ways to use this hypnosis script. It is written in the third person so that you can record it. If you choose to read free online hypnosis scripts out loud, then you will want to change it to the first person.

To get the most out of your Self Hypnosis Instruction session, you will want to read it slowly and pause after each sentence.

Find a quiet place to relax where you will not be disturbed.

Now, begin...

Make yourself comfortable now ... allow all the muscles of your body to begin to feel loose.

Take a deep breath in ... and out. Breathe in deeply and now breathe out. Continue to breathe deeply as you begin to focus on your toes.

Relax your toes and feel the relaxation move up into your feet and ankles. As it does, your muscles begin to simply let go.

The feeling of relaxation is now moving up into your calves... your knees and your thighs. Your entire legs are feeling heavy with the feeling of letting go with calmness.

Notice that you are drifting into a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation with each breath you take.

Allow that wonderful feeling of relaxation to wash over your hips ... your stomach and your ribs... comforting and calming you.

You notice that you drift off ... as the relaxation now moves into your chest ...back ... and shoulders.

Your troubles slip away as your muscles loosen even more.

You now begin to relax your arms ... your elbows ... your wrists ... and your hands.

Relax ... and let go.

Relax your neck ... your throat ... and your jaw.

Allow your face ... your forehead ... to relax.

Notice that all of your muscles are now fully and completely relaxed. Notice how wonderful it feels.

Know that in this moment there is no place to go ... no place to be.

Simply relax ... and let go.

Five ... your body is now completely relaxed

Four... you feel the security of love and peace surrounding you

Three ... as you hear the sounds around you ... you relax even more

Two ... relax and go even deeper

One ... feel the relaxation go even deeper and deeper

All the way down...

Allow yourself to feel even more relaxed... safe and relaxed.

Notice that your imagination now begins to create a wonderful place where you can go to completely relax... a gentle, peaceful place that you now wander along to.

As you wander along in your mind's eye to this tranquil spot you begin to notice the sensation of the feeling of the ground beneath your feet.

And as you drift closer and closer you begin to notice the colors and shapes surrounding you.

You begin to notice the sounds ... as you arrive.

This is a place where you can feel the peaceful relaxation wash over you like a clean, clear and gentle stream.

Know that this is a place where time stands still ...

This is a place where you can relax fully and completely.

And let go...

Enjoy this restful place ... it is here just for you.

Take a deep breath in as you begin to notice a sign.

It is a sign with a word on it.

The sign has one word on it.

You realize that this is a word that is the name of this special... soothing ... setting.

Look closer ... close enough so that you can see your word.

Remember this word, for this is a word that you can say each time you feel even the tiniest bit of stress.

Each time you say this word - out loud or to yourself - you will instantly be reminded of the feeling of relaxation and it will wash over you and relax you.

Take a deep breath in ... and out. Look around one last time taking note of all the details ... notice how relaxed you feel.

Now, I'll count from one to five. When I get to the number five, you will be fully aware and alert ... feeling refreshed in every way.

One ... you feel wonderfully good ... perfect in every way

Two ... you feel fresh as though you have been bathed in a clean brook of water

Three ... you begin to notice the temperature of the air around you

Four ... slowly and calmly you are beginning to become aware of the fingers on your hands.

Five ... you are now fully aware and alert. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms and say your word - the word that was on your sign - out loud!

You may find that your mind has wandered during your self hypnosis session.

Or you may have fallen asleep. That's perfectly fine.

It's also all right if you do not follow free online hypnosis scripts, exactly.

You now have the ability to relax any time you want.

If you find that you are in a stressful situation, just say your word out loud or to yourself... and relax!

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