EFT Career Training
Education & Certification

EFT Career Training to become a certified practitioner in this technique involves the desire to help others regain their health and emotional well being through self-help.

Currently, (2011), licensing is not required because certified practitioners are not practicing medicine. Practitioners simply teach others a method of how to tap into their own body's energy.

Gary Craig is the founder of EFT. He retired from practice in 2008, however his work remains as evergreen today, as in the past.

Like hypnosis, emotional freedom technique careers do not require certification, but certification does tend to give your current chiropractic, holistic or other health-oriented practice credibility.

EFT certification can be obtained after studying a series of training videos and taking an online test.

You will find information about EFT Certification on the EFTuniverse.com website.

One benefit of developing a career in the Emotional Freedom Technique and working as a practitioner in this alternative health field is that it may give you the option of being able to work from home or from your existing office. Many chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers and masseurs and masseuses choose to learn this technique for additional income to their existing practice.

Another benefit is that by using PayPal, sessions can be provided over the phone, eliminating many of the costs associated with a business start up.

Fees are usually charged by the hour and vary according to location, experience, or whether it is a phone session or office session.

Fees vary by location. A little research can give you an idea of what to charge for your services in your area.

Looking for a personal EFT consultation?

If you are reading this page in hopes of finding an EFT practitioner to help you, personally, rather than researching it as a possible career, the EFTUniverse.com website also has a referral list of Certified EFT practitioners around the world.

Many of them offer the Emotional Freedom Technique via phone consultations.

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