Cold Laser Therapy


Cold laser therapy is a new, innovative, painless technique for relieving aching joints due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, acute strains, sports injuries, and even cancer.

If you have ever had a foot injury, you know how limited your activities which you perform in a normal day, quickly become.  Whether the pain stems from wearing heels, old injuries or an arthritic joint, cold laser therapy may reduce inflammation, which in turn, reduces pain and improves mobility.

Before deciding upon surgery or painful, invasive techniques, low level laser technology can provide an alternative healing method.

How Does Low Level Laser Healing Work?

The laser light device actually looks somewhat like a stainless steel flashlight.  It is cylindrical and approximately 8-10 inches long.  The only realdifference in the look of the unit as compared to a flashlight is that the light is a neon blue and it has a cord that plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet.

cold laser

Can you cure pain with a flashlight?

The cool thing about low level laser therapy is that the “cold” laser is not cold at all!  The reason it is called "cold" is because it does not create a temperature change in the body's tissues.

This low level laser beam does not cut the skin like a "hot" laser.  A "hot", medical laser can be up to 1,000 degrees, F.  "Hot" lasers are used to cut, cauterize or re-form damaged tissue.

The laser therapy device is plugged into the wall, a switch is turned on the side,it beeps and the doctor merely points it at the affected region for varying amounts of time, depending on the level of discomfort.

What Does Low Level Laser Technology Do to Your Cells?

Our cells, natively are in an ever-movingstate, functioning at a certain level of energy when healthy, and at a different energy level when unhealthy.  This energy is called ATP.

ATP, within cells, is used to contract muscles, produce current in nerves, create compound molecules and much more which affect the health of our cells. If cells are unhealthy, other cells near the affected cell or within your system may not work correctly.

The breakthrough of Cold laser therapy is a way to treat these unhealthycells.The light at the end of the laser beams a direct ray of energy to the affected cells which assists the unhealthy cells to move at energy levels that are closer to the energy levels of healthy cells.

What Does Cold Laser Therapy Cost?

Each session of low level laser therapy will, of course, vary with location, but, on average will run approximately $30-$50 per session, even without insurance. 

What Others Say About Cold Laser Therapy

 “Going in, I was very skeptical because I had several injuries to my large toe between wearing poor shoes, to smashing it, dropping things on it, etc….I am very clumsy. I had visited a few chiropractors and each one diagnosed it as a jammed joint and therefore each time, they would yank on it to dislodge it. Oh my gosh,... the pain!!!

The pain from dislodgement would fade and the toe seemed to be relieved for about 24 hours, but then would go right back to the same position and become strained once again.  Over a few days, the pain went from about a 2 on a 10 scale to a 10, where I could not walk on it without severe pain.  I decided to try one last chiropractor.  Well, not just a chiropractor.  This one was trained in natural medicine, as well.

The alternative medicine doctor used what she called low-abrasive techniques, so not a lot of popping of every joint in your body, yet treating specific areas with low force methods.

Here is how it went: 

  • Session 1: 50% of the pain relieved! Session duration was 5 minutes. 

  • Session 2: 90% pain relieved. Session duration was 5 minutes. 

After only 2 sessions, 100% of the pain was gone.  That was 3 months ago and I'm still pain free, today!"


Cold laser therapy has worked for many people.  Check into it and see if it can work for you!

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