Holistic Health Careers

Satisfying holistic health careers are growing in popularity.

Are you considering going to school for a degree in holistic medicine?

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A degree in one of the holistic health careers can allow a practitioner a choice of geographic locations in which to practice.

As the world ceases to be separate countries and becomes a global marketplace, in the United States, perceptions about the efficacy of massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, and other Eastern forms of medicine have found rapid popularity and wide acceptance.

Western medicine is slowly embracing whole body health. Holistic care nurses now work in medical settings and many physicians now realize the benefits of attempting to address the entire body, rather than simply specific symptoms.

Herbal medicine is regaining its rightful place next to Western medicine.

Organically grown plants are now recognized as healthier for the body than those which have been sprayed with pesticides.

Natural foods stores and neighborhood grocery stores now offer organically grown beef, chicken, and turkey which have not been fed hormones to increase their weight and decrease their time-to-market.

As people take a more active role in their own, personal health care as a result of increasing frustration with conventional methods, there has become a significant demand for holistic health practitioners who are knowledgeable about these treatments.

Choose among the holistic health careers opportunities listed below to find information about education, certification, degrees and licensing requirements as well as possible earning potentials in each of these disciplines.



Aromatherapy Career


Practicing Ayurveda



Becoming an Herbalist


Hypnotherapy Career


Massage Therapist

Becoming a Masseuse or Masseur

Reflexologist Career

Becoming a Reflexologist

Practicing Reiki

Learning Reiki


Learning to practice Yoga


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