Aromatherapy Pendants

Aromatherapy Pendants - Aromatherapy Fragrance,...All Day, Your Way!

Aromatherapy pendants,... Are they magical or metaphysical?,... or do they just smell so good that, like good perfume, you simply feel as if you have surrounded your body with an aura of a special scent all day long which helps you feel your whole body de-stressing and just relaxing from everyday tensions?

If you find that specific aromatherapy oils help to relieve a headache or other ailment, then, isn't smelling a pleasant aroma a more natural and healthier healing alternative for your body, not to mention having fewer side effects, than having to take an ibuprofen, an aspirin or other pain reliever?

Just as there are odors which you may find offensive as their aroma travels from your olfactory nerve in your nose, up to your brain, there are many scents which simply make you feel better, and more empowered to meet each day's challenges.

Alternative healing professionals of all modalities, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers, herbalists, naturalpaths and other alternative therapists have used aromatherapy for years with their patients.

Massage Therapists use scented oils to help their clients relax. Spas and saunas use air fresheners.

At home, people light scented candles, use room deodorizers, and spritzers. Many people really enjoy the aroma of a simmering pot-pourri. Others add essential oils and bath salts to their baths to relax while surrounding themselves with a comforting and pleasant scent at the beginning or end of each day.

The science of aromatherapy is not new. For thousands of years, shamans (tribal healers) have used different scents to help induce positive and therapeutic effects upon the moods and emotions of their patients.

As an example, Frankincense, is an aromatic gum resin which contains a volatile oil. This oil was highly valued in ancient times, both in worship of deity and as a medicine. It is one of the three gifts of the Magi (wisemen) which they brought to celebrate the birth of Jesus. (Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh).

All three were considered very valuable and were quite expensive and thus, financially far out of the reach by everyone except the very wealthy.

In fact, during that time, frankincense was more valuable than gold.

Today, it is not surprising that one of the most popular essential oils used by alternative medicine therapists to reduce anxiety and stress is Young Living's Frankincense Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil .

Now, as then, the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Greece and India use these oils as part of a skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.

In Eastern medicine, they are considered to be a complementary therapy, which means that these oils are used in addition to traditional medicine.

If you've ever spent an hour or so trying the perfume tester bottles at your local department store's perfume counter to 'sniff out' your own perfect scent in which to wrap yourself, you will find that essential oils work in much the same manner.

However, even though there are lists of essential oils which outline which specific scent might be helpful with specific ailments, aromas are still very subjective to each person.

For instance, some people instantly relax when they walk in the door at night to the smell of a bubbling hot pot-pourri pot with the scent of hot apple pie wafting throughout the house.

Other people find an essential oil that has the fresh, clean smell of an ocean breeze appeals more to their senses.

Once you 'sniff out' the right aroma to find one or more essential oils which heighten your sense of well-being, aromatherapy pendants let you take your fragrance with you to enjoy throughout your day.

Many people have several pendants, one pendant for each oil. This prevents having to mix the oils which may not be as pleasant or compatible if combined with another oil.

Aromatherapy pendants are available in many different, attractive, fashion-conscious shapes such as fairies, hearts, dragonflies and also in beautiful, tiny, colored glass vials with tiny corks.

Some are available with neck cords or chains and others are available as just the pendant, itself. These pendants are designed to continue to emit a soothing fragrance throughout the day.

Many work by means of an oil pad, which is moistened with aromatherapy oil and then placed into the pendant.

Aromatherapy pendants are available in the shape of angels, fairies, dragonflies, crosses, hearts, flowers, art glass and many more designs.

They are available with or without chains or neck cords, too. Most of them are bundled with a set of refill oil pads.

You can also prepare your own aromatherapy oil blend or choose several oils and try different ones to find the one which gives you your own personal 'Ahhh....' moment.

They make great bridal shower, secret Santa and thoughtful, personalized gifts for teachers and office mates, too, because there are no sizes to have to decide upon.

Aromatherapy pendants are not only beautiful, and help many people relieve stress and nervous tension, they smell good, too.

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