Aromatherapy Career


Aromatherapy certification is easy to obtain as schools offer evening or weekend training. A newly trained Aromatherapist can work in spas, clinics, start their own practice, open an online essential oils store, or consider tutoring others.

What is It?

It is defined as a treatment using plant oils: the use of oils extracted from plants to alleviate physical and psychological disorders, usually through massage or inhalation.

How it Works.

Utilizing your sense of smell, the oils can generate a healing response in the brain and body. This occurs by inhaling the oils and stimulating the olfactory nerve which then sends a message to the limbic system.

The limbic system in turn stimulates the nervous, endocrine, or immune systems which affects your body and your health.


Although courses and pricing vary, some schools offer a 2 day seminar for as little as $275.

Seminars include information on how to choose oils and use them safely, and application techniques.

This field is largely unregulated, but organizations are working to set standards. Check with local government agencies for any updates with regard to licenses.

This information may also be obtained from a school in your area offering certification.

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